At the 3AC we have a variety of rooms to hire available to suit your needs at competitive prices. We offer two different prices; Commercial and Charity. To find out more about the individual rooms please click on the links below:

We can lay the rooms out how you wish, please do not hesitate to ask us for more information.

Along with the room hire, we also offer the following:

Option Voluntary/Charity/Community Commercial/Business 
Tea/Coffee Half Day  £1.50 £2.00
Tea/Coffee/Biscuits Half Day £2.00 £2.50
Tea/Coffee Full Day £2.00 £2.50
Tea/Coffee/Biscuits Full Day £2.50 £3.00
  • Catering - £5.50 per person. We work with The Honest Kitchen Marchwood
  • Flipchart + pens - £7 per session
  • Whiteboard - Free
  • Projector - 1/2 day rate = £15. Full day rate = £30 for Commercial/Business

                      -1/2 day rate = £10. Full day rate = £20 for Voluntary/Charity/Community

If you would like to book a room or for more information please contact us